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 Over the years, Mosaic Experience has

developed successful professional collaborations.

I really appreciate Mosaic Experience. When I think of the word experience, and I consider the work that has been done with the Stagg staff, I think "personalized". They spent hours talking to me and my team to accurately diagnose potential pitfalls and current problems that may not be noticeable. Their willingness to listen without judgement, and their ability to effectively diagnose and prescribe real solutions has helped us to meet our goal. We are growing! This sagacious duo is open and honest and willing to dig in and really help bring about change. I am grateful for their work. I look forward to working with them again.

Miyoshi Knox, Principal

Stagg School of Excellence, 2015

Helping students fully understand empathy may be the greatest accomplishment of high schools today. Mosaic Experience is a strong leader in this work. They have proved to be excellent communicators and facilitators in conflict resolution matters. During their workshops, they are always professional, and solution driven; but moreover, they have a way of connecting to people in a very profound way. They truly understand how to touch a person’s soul. It is accurate to say that their work has changed our students’ lives.


Brad Swanson, Principal

Highland Park High School, 2010


Thanks to Pamela and Raul, we are better prepared to have necessary discussion about race, gender, gender identity, religion and the other points of difference with potential to propagate fear or generate possibility. As an organization with a mission to transform the civic culture of a state, the Mosaic Experience was essential, productive and I’d recommend it highly.

Julia Fabris McBride, Vice President

Kansas Leadership Center, 2018

Pamela Cook and Raul Amezquita have been thoughtful and thorough collaborators with me, staff members, and students here at Niles West. They are patient in their approach and they truly keep the goal of “dialogue in action” at the forefront of what they do. I encourage any school to talk to Pamela and Raul about how they can help facilitate dialogue among students, staff, parents, or any stakeholders in a school community.


Kaine Osburn, Principal

Niles West High School, 2011


“It has been a true pleasure to work

with Pamela and Raul, to strengthen

my social capital skills. They are

compassionate listeners and have

helped me stretch my thinking to

become better at communicating

with my clients, many of whom, like

myself, come from diverse cultural

and gender identity backgrounds.”


Michael A. Garcia

Northwestern Mutual, 2019

Talking and reflecting with Pamela & Raul allowed me to uncover sore spots in our school culture and holes in my own leadership so that we could tackle our issues head on. Thanks to Mosaic, we have grown closer as a team by building trust and connecting in a much more personal and productive way.

Tonya R. Howell, Campus Director

U of Chicago Charter School, 2018

“In my experience with the Hispanic Study Group, I have gained new connections, motivation, and most of all, confidence in myself. I loved how most conversations are focused on my goals and being able to work towards manifesting those goals. The Women’s Study Group empowered me after

learning other women in the field were holding their ground about who they want to work with and exuding confidence in the profession. This group was very comforting and reassuring. Most of all, Pamela and Raul challenged me with questions that forced me to self-reflect and truly figure out my intentions as a Woman and a Financial Advisor.”

Lupita Avalos – Financial Rep

Northwestern Mutual, 2021

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